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Juicy News

Today, June 11, 2014 is the start of my first ever juice cleanse. I know our body has its own fully effective functioning mechanisms in place that keep things moving along. But at 50+ and not exercising consistently, nor eating healthy consistently my body needs a reboot!  Doing something like this takes more than just picking up a few bottles of juice and drinking them, you have to plan a bit, like take small walks, keep away from the pantry, take up a project you’ve been thinking about.  My project is I am sorting through all my family photos’, from both parents.  This is a huge under taking.  I just got some volunteers to help.

So I am using The Juice Club http://thejuiceclub.com/.  The creator and mixologist of The Juice Club, Allison Antoinette has created a tasty variety of juices with super fresh produce and some natural ingredients.  It’s 10am and I am starting out with bottle number #1 Radiant Glow chard, kale, spinach and 6 more ingredients. Who would have thought I’d be having vegetables for breakfast? Very green and very good. The bottles are numbered for your convenience.  1:00 stomach is starting to grumble, not use to this, ugh.     More to follow through out the day.