Sweepstakes & Contests

January is the month for Health and Fitness Giveaway.  So start by looking through your local Radio Stations websites, All News Papers, and check out your local store fronts.   Online via Face Book, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest  there are hundreds of contests available,such as

Balance Bar, Justins, Shoe, clothing, gym and other sport fitness related companies.

For Fitness Contests: Begin by following your local Gym’s, National Chains of Nutrition and Fitness products and Health Related Food companies.  Many are giving out prizes just for getting active and logging your activity, many can connect to your fitness apps (Nike+, Garmin) etc.

I am participating in the following contests:

Caveman foods, GNC, Lean Cuisine, Panera Bread, Shape Magazine, Well+Good NYC just to name a few!  So get busy, carve out some time each day 15 min of computer time to log in and enter your daily info.  Even if you don’t Win, you Lose, ONLY THE LBS!


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