First Tri

Be Careful of what you ask for.  For the last 5 years my husband and I have volunteered for the Sunday portion of the @SBTri   I kept saying I want to do that someday.  It was pointed out to me that “There are only Seven Days in the Week and someday is not one of them”!

So it came to be a contest to win an entry into the Tri plus a bonus of 3 month training at Killer Tri.   I was all over this! Husband bought me a Reef & Run membership, I was already a runner and I owned a bike, how perfect is that!  So prior to Reef & Run I had not swam in the ocean for well over 25 years, much less the pool other than floating around.  I figured how hard could it be, right?

First night of Reef & Run, I find my wetsuit, I won two years ago, I dug around for that swim cap that was somewhere in a drawer and I goggles I knew exactly where they were.  We headed to East Beach, I was nervous as can be, I signed in, when to put on my wetsuit but it is too small, barely got it over my calves – Strike 1

So I will swim without one, how cold could the water be, I grew up two blocks from this ocean, I played in it all the time.  Well I went to the wrong starting point, had to sprint to the other side, ohhh I was huffin and puffin, and putting on my swim cap at the same time, which began to disintegrate, who know how old it was.  Strike 2

At the starting line, all the little kids in front eager with anticipation, the older set in the back, as I stood next to a gal, she asked if I was excited about this, I stated, well It’s been over 25 years since I swam, and I’m more nervous than excited.  She graciously moved away from me.  Maybe she was concerned I would latch onto her in the water?  And were off every one into the water, they are running and I am walking, why am I walking?  I dipped my toes in and ohh so cold, but I knew I had set out to do this.  I dove in, and began to move my arms in which I thought was a swimming motion, but by my husband’s view more like a crooked windmill motion, I kept on going towards the buoy, gasping for air, freaking out by the waves, heart pounding, wondering to myself, what did I get myself into.  Got to the buoy after a few gulps of water, working my way around the buoy, the lifeguard on the surfboard, asked how I was doing, I said as I always say GREAT!  I was not great, I could barely muster any strength to keep moving, I kept at it, got around that buoy and started back to shore, Done I was spent, not an ounce of energy left!  I raised my hand and called the lifeguard to tow me in, humiliating and overwhelmed.  I made it to shore, husband bringing me my towel, keeping his thoughts to himself, but I knew what he was thinking after he said, if you decide you don’t want to do this, then it is all right with me.  I asked what he thought, after laughing for about what seemed 10 minutes, he said I looked pathetic as all hell, he said he wished he had video tapped it, he know he would have won on American Funniest Video.  We both started laughing and decided I needed to get some swim instructions and get into the ocean as much as possible.  Strike 3.

I was slow in getting into the swing of things at Killer B Fitness, got a bought of bronchitis, so breathing was not so easy to do.  After a month and half give or take a few days for vacation I feel I got the swing of things.  I really enjoy the early 6 AM indoor bike riding class, and the running on the track on is well running around the track.  Swimming I started up at the pool, that is just plain lovely and quite relaxing and is really helping with my sleep. Now to just get in there as often as I can in the evenings I run on my off days, and started working on upper body strength training at home and core.  It’s a lot of work, scheduling, time and commitment and energy.  Fortunately for me my husband is quite accommodating and gets out in the ocean with me, so that helps.   I do love a challenge, and this by far has been my biggest, as I am also training for the New York Marathon in November, so I feel all the cross training will be advantageous for me.

When I started the training I was at my worst physical condition and my weight was off the charts for me.  It was starting to affect my health, I needed a serious goal to get out of my funk and get my groove back and my abs, I know there in there somewhere, I can feel them, but cannot yet see them.   I think for me, this should help people realize that unlike the TV Ads, it will not come off in a week and your abs will not look like the people on the commercials.  People need to realize that a lot of time, energy, hard work, a friend or two and determination are needed to achieve your goals and that baby steps are ok!



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  1. get back on here auntie stephanie!!!

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