misc pics 7 2013 006February 2, 2014 was the start of my Paleo Diet! First I’ll list my challenges, them my excuses and then the reality of it all!  Me 7/2013 still look like this No Bueno, Rolls belong in a bakery!

Challenges:  I don’t do diets!  I am addicted to sweets! I’ve been dealing with a tooth issue literally for the past month!  Nine Birthday Parties this month including my own!  Lack of sleep, related to the tooth!  Carving out time to plan and prepare for this Challenge properly.

Excuses:  I don’t do diets, I’m addicted to sweets, tooth problems, I’m too tired, I didn’t want to waste those cupcakes, No one was watching, I’m not running enough to counter the food intake, lack of sleep makes me crave unhealthy foods, I have to cook for my husband, I didn’t plan my meals and get my weekly shopping in order, I that new shows on TV I love to watch!

Reality:  I don’t do well with diets, I’m afraid of commitments, I’ve fallen off the running grid so much that I don’t feel like I can get back on track, I am not always a confident person, even though I’m perceived as one, I’m a sneaky eater,  I have at times (like now) low self esteem and with that comes depression (a new feeling for me) which I believe might be attributed to my age and weight gain.  I am an emotional eater, and I have not put myself, my health, my physical fitness first.  I do know that once this is done everything else is achievable with hard work, determination, commitment and belief.

My Plan:

I’ve written down my current weight and measurements  and I wrote along side them my goal weight and measurements this is included in my timeline.  pics later.

I’ve wrote out a menu for the next 4 weeks of foods I can and should be eating along with this is a grocery list.  The funny thing is I love to shop with coupons, but very few meats, vegetables and fruits require coupons? So much for couponing, just for household/personal care products now! pic attached.

I will not frighten you all with my pantry picture until i’ve cleaned it up!  I’ll do a before and after.

I’ve put on a spreadsheet my running schedule until the end of December that includes my running races and strenght workouts.  As soon as we start up the gym I’ll include that.  Right Now I have two grand kids in Track so my Mon, Wed, Thur. evenings are devoted to them, they are there until 6 so I will incorporate some exercise time in while waiting.

I am also instilling a no TV in the bedroom after 8:00, I need a good nights sleep and I know this will be crucial to my success.

To date I have lost a total of 4 lbs., for me the number is significant and I am aware as my fitness gets better, the lbs will be more muscle than fat and other stuff!.

A special thanks to @CavemanFoods for the support, encouragement and opportunity to participate in the challenge with 9 other awesome people who want a make a change for the better in the health and fitness.


TV Ad Rant! Get Crackin’!?

Get Crackin’! No Thanks Time to do some boycotting of Wonderful Pistachios is a good idea?  With a % of your purchase some of those $ go into ad campaigns that pay the likes of Dennis Rodman and endorse current North Korean Leader and making fun of blowing up things?  How and why do they think this is a good match?  Time to rethink your Ad campaigns and pay your ad writers for producing quality, conscious Ads.  Another point are they the same company of POM Wonderful Pomegranates ( same logo)? Your off my grocery list until you clean up your act.   Start spreading the news.

Wonderful Pistachios. Get Crackin’! I think not!
@Good Morning America  @Today Show @CNN

This is my personal observation and opinion.

Happy New Year 2014

The day started out beautifully, Volunteering for the Annual Resolution Day Run, then going on a 5K myself.  Home to take down the Christmas Tree and put 20 boxes of items in order and away (still working on this part)!  Had a tamale, organized my baking cupboard, had the grand babies over Sloane and Stevie played trains and blocks with them and let them play the piano.  Cooked a nice dinner and now to start my daily journal of life.  Off to a\n early nights sleep, gotta run in the AM.

This weeks goals

  1. 52 week money challenge
  2. sit with Jim and daughters and work on budget planning
  3. calendar fitness goals , running races, gym time for the next 4 months
  4. keep diary of what I eat, how much and when

Cheers for now!

3027  A pic of myself with my daughters. Their so pretty!

Change is on it’s way

New Year’s Resolutions?  Maybe not a resolution, more like a commitment to myself! I fell off the wagon hard, getting up is even harder! So my goal and already committed to the calendar is a weekly update along with pics of my transformation of myself, my life, my family and my world and how everyone is affected.  Image

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