Training Day Week One

Weighing in at a  never before weight class starting at 155Lbs, Stephanie Torres .  Yup Never been this big, oh wait yes I have been!  Twice to be exact, during my pregnancies 35 and 40 years ago.  What happened?   Life, Love, Food, Injury, Fear, Depression, Being Overwhelmed, Anxiety, Dessert and just plain falling into a Rut!  Ruts are funky, they can spiral out of control, and you can lose grip what you have held so dear.  For me it truly has been a life time of Running and Exercise.   Now I am putting this all behind me and moving forward on a new journey.  A journey back to fitness.

First,I was accepted into the 2015 TCSNYCMarathon  which means 5 – 6 months of consistency, which I am lacking. I started my running back up in May, very slow going but I am getting a relatively solid foundation, I can now run up to 4 – 5 miles no problem.  I do need to increase the mileage, do regular weekly track workouts, strength, core exercises and lots of stretching.

Secondly, Jim and I volunteered for the Santa Barbara Triathlon and I kept saying I am going to do that one of these years.  Well this is my year.  I entered a contest in the Santa Barbara Independent to Win and Entry Fee and Three Months of Training with KillerBFitness!  Pretty Sweet, yah! I will be training on the bike with the group and track workouts.  by July get back with the Santa Barbara Running and Racing group for additional training, they are a pretty awesome group of people. Swimming, I got a Reef and Run season pass but here is the clincher, I haven’t swam in many moons. First swim was last Thursday night, and I felt I look liked a large seal in a nice red bathing suit with arms and legs!  What a mess! I’ll share that story another day, pretty Fn’ Funny.

So this week I’ll go to Los Banos Pool, AKA “The Plunge”, and start with some swim lessons.  Stay true to my goals and plans to continue to be a more fit me.  Oh and I am now at 153Lbs.  I have so much to lose.

Cheers to all,



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