2015 Ideas and Goals

1. Commit to an exercise plan:🏊
write it out what I want to achieve
write it on a paper calendar.
Make the goals small and achievable

As time goes on increase the fitness goal.
Weight loss goal a whopping 25 lbs
2. Juice 2 x a week with my VitaMix Pro, so excited! 🍓
3. Exclude sugar, white flour products, fried food, pizza, Chinese food, pasta dishes anything with tortillas 😢 it’s temporary I’m pretty certain I can do this for 6 weeks. Oh and no Alcohol until my Birthday and our trip to New York. I will savor that New York Pizza.
4. Already started getting the nooks and crannies organized once a week a specific area of the house, such as the junk drawers, craft area, gift wrap and gift area.
5. Sell nice items I don’t use anymore on a variety of sites.
6. Practicing Spanish using Rosetta Stone
7. Read at least Three Books this year – Any suggestions.
8. Be kind to others
9. Smile often 😃
10. Believe I ca do this!
That’s it for the 1st Three months of the year.
Happy New Year🎉


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