The finish Line

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What I learned from this experience for myself is to put the goal in writing, have it in front of me (little reminders of what I am doing) have my spouse be a bigger part of the process (he should have been doing this with me) and remind myself (don’t let the hiccups get in the of the progress and the big picture).
I have never been good a following a diet, probably because I had always been active and never felt a need to.   The last few years have been quite challenging, becoming complacent (sp) at home, cooking dinner every night, and on nights when it was either too hot or just to tired or lazy order in and not the good stuff.  My world and my waist expanded. I realized all too quickly how depressing this was and how it was negating my desire to work harder ( I had become depressed) not knowing it, just thinking I was failing miserably.
I realized as well, that for this to work I needed to look at it like Marathon/Half Marathon training which weren’t going well either.  Amidst all this exciting new way of eating, I was suppose to be training,  the two would go hand in hand.  I was dealing with a terrible broken tooth problem, which started in late February, still dealing with it, and dealing with a foot injury, got that one is just about fixed.  Again depression is tough on the mind.   All the while still believing I could do this, I proceeded on.
Physician said, at your age “being over 50” keep on running it will help with the depression, eat more of a less carb diet, more fish, poultry, veges, fruits it will help with weight loss.  I then told him the diet I was on. Funny how that works. He felt this was a good choice for me. And turns out I have a thyroid problem, correctable by diet, switching up the exercise and a temporary use of medication.  Hence no weight loss.  Really anything else that can go wrong?
But all the wrongs made it right, finding out more about myself than I’ve allowed myself, for that I am truly grateful to you all.
My biggest and greatest gain from the challenge is to never give up, re-start what you started and know that only good can come from “doing” and not “trying”.  My husband is on board, picked him up some workout dvd’s  at a garage sale, he does not mind not eating, rice, potatoes and stuff.  We had the kids and grandkids clean out the cupboards of all the yucky stuff.  Another favorite I’ve learned is I use less coupons at the store and saving some money there too!!  Very few coupons for fresh veges, fruits and meats, so now I don’t put in time wasting effort of shopping for junk.
I did not lose alot of weight but gained so much knowledge about myself and how to better take care of myself for a longer life and continued positive lifestyle.  That is my prize.
Thank you all for your support, your time and effort,  you made this a life changing experience for me.
Stephanie Torres

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