Happy New Year 2014

The day started out beautifully, Volunteering for the Annual Resolution Day Run, then going on a 5K myself.  Home to take down the Christmas Tree and put 20 boxes of items in order and away (still working on this part)!  Had a tamale, organized my baking cupboard, had the grand babies over Sloane and Stevie played trains and blocks with them and let them play the piano.  Cooked a nice dinner and now to start my daily journal of life.  Off to a\n early nights sleep, gotta run in the AM.

This weeks goals

  1. 52 week money challenge
  2. sit with Jim and daughters and work on budget planning
  3. calendar fitness goals , running races, gym time for the next 4 months
  4. keep diary of what I eat, how much and when

Cheers for now!

3027  A pic of myself with my daughters. Their so pretty!


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